One Month

Hi 🙂

I can’t believe! I’m already a month in the U.S. It’s so amazing! I think my English is a little bit better than for 4 weeks ;).

I experienced a lot of thing! I was shopping ! A lot! 😉 Most of the time I’m at home and learning English or listening to the music. It’s so cool when you listening music and you understand the words!

Last week I was on my first school football game! It was so cool! I can’t believe that I never saw a football game before!

This weekend we were shopping dresses for the Homecoming! For my first Homecoming (and my last). Homecoming is the first dance in the school year. It’s like a Prom at the beginning. I’m so excited!

And we were on the ArtPrize. That is an art exhibition in the whole downtown from Grand Rapids. It’s very big! I saw a lot of things, it was very nice!

On Friday is the Homecoming football game. I’m also excited for this! And on Saturday is the Homecoming dance!

The school is still hard but I understand more than for 2 weeks.. I think.. But I really hope that will change soon! Because I love to speak English but I can’t.. But I want! .. And I will!.. I believe!

I can’t say how much I love it here… because I love it so much! This is my dream! I can live my dream! This is the best gift EVER! Thank you mom that you made this possible! ILY <3

I miss you all! And hope you have a great time too!

Now I’m looking forward and enjoy this year! I want to enjoy it! Because I have only one chance to do all the things I want to do!

Lots of love

Lisa 🙂



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