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Two Month

Sunday, November 1st, 2015

Hey 🙂

I can’t believe it! Already two month! It’s so amazing here! The fall was nice with a lot of experience.

We went to the corn maze. It was very big! We got lost! It was so great 😀 and after the corn maze we ate Donuts and drunk Cider.

My first pumpkin carving was great! I did a spider web.

Halloween! Our whole house is decorated! Halloween stuff everywhere. It’s so awesome! I love Halloween! On Friday was dress up day and a bunch of people wore Halloween costumes! Me too! I was a Witch! And yesterday was Halloween. Most of the ”little kids” did ”trick or treating” but we are too old for this. So we were at home with friends in our Halloween costumes and gave the children candy. We also baked. It was funny. It should be ghosts but it didn’t look like ghosts. ^^ And we watched a movie called Hocus Pocus.

Now Halloween is already over but it was a great time and I will never forget my Halloween in the US.

In a month is Christmas time! YAY I’m so excited! I love Christmas! And we’ll decorate the whole house with Christmas stuff more than Halloween stuff! But first is Thanksgiving.

School is okay. I guess I’m better in English. I found many friend and the students are so nice to me!

I miss you all!

Lots of love

Lisa 🙂